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Get to Know: Softball's #8 Arden Hatch

Get to Know: Softball's #8 Arden Hatch
Arden Hatch is a four-year varsity player for the Troubadours. She has seen action in 45 career games and recorded 73 strikeouts and seven wins. She will be playing at Concordia (Ore.) University next fall and will be studying sports management. She hopes to have a career in sports.
What are you looking forward to most about your senior season?
"I am looking forward to stepping up as leader and really getting our pitching dialed. We want to really have a plan and having our team understand what goes into pitching and how we can use our knowledge against other teams to really prepare."
How frustrating has the weather been in the preseason?
"We would like to be as prepared as possible especially going into league. Having games canceled one after another it throws you off balance when we have the last minute moves."
What are you looking forward to about Concordia and playing there?
"I got in the Honors program so I am really excited to be part of that. I love the coach. I can't wait to live there and be a part of everything and do what I have planned on doing."
What are you looking forward to your final months on campus?
"I want to take in all the softball. I really love all the girls on the team and I would like to really make memories with them. We want to look back on the season and thinking this was my favorite team being with the girls."
What is a fun fact about Arden?
"I can pitch with my eyes closed and still throw a strike."
Is there a story about your name?
"It is a family name. My mom saw the (clothing brand) Elizabeth Arden and her name is Elisabeth and she liked the sound of them together. She really named me after the mall because she liked shopping. That is my other answer."
What are your individual goals for this season?
"I'd like to throw over 60 miles an hour and finish out the year on a good note."
"What do your senior teammates mean to you?
"I know they have my back. Having five other people from my class and see every day. There is a connection with us."
If you could live in a book, TV show or movie, where would you live: League of Their Own.
What animal best represents you: Dog.
Greatest Achievement: Commiting to Concordia University.
If you had one superpower: Invisable.
If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future: Past.
What is your favorite holiday: Halloween.
Favorite Athlete: Kat Osterman.
Favorite Disney Character: Cinderella.
Who is your hero: Fourth grade elementary teacher – Ms. Gibbons.
What's your favorite dinner: Mac and cheese.
Bucket List: Travel the World.



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