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Softball's Get to Know: #13 Gabbi Guerrera

Softball's Get to Know: #13 Gabbi Guerrera
Gabbi Guerrera has been a four-year varsity player. She has seen action in 54 career games, hitting .314 with 43 career hits. She will be attending the University of Nevada Reno in the fall. She will study business/management. She likes to wake board and plans to buy a boat someday. 
What are you looking forward to most about your senior season?
"I am looking forward to a winning season and consistent play. I really want the younger players to look up to the older players so they can carry on the softball program. I want us to have great offensive and defensive play."
What do you bring to the team?
"This year especially I have been trying to be more of a leader for the younger players. We are going to be gone next season. We have a chemistry because we play comp together.  I want them to grow a bond together. If you have good chemistry off the field, it carries over to the field."
What has been your favorite aspect of the softball program?
"It is so fun and I have a good time with my coaches. They get on me but they are good human beings. They know how to have a good time and make it fun to be out there."
Why do you wear #13?
"Last year I was 19. 13 was first jersey ever and 13 is lucky in Italy. I felt like wearing 13 for my grandma because it is her favorite number. I wore it this year for her (Grandma Christina)."
Tell us about your college choice – University of Nevada Reno.
"I went to tour UNR in the summer. I really liked the campus. It is compact and everything is close together. They have a super good basketball program and it will be fun to go to those games. It is far enough but it is not too far."
What has it been like playing with your sister?
"I love playing with my sister. I look up to her in a way because I think she is better than me. It pushes me a little too. I get on her because I want her to be better than me and see her go farther than I did."
What do your senior teammates mean to you?
"They mean a lot to me. We have gone through so much since freshman year together. I hope we can pull together strong for this season and have our best season ever together."


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