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2019-20 St. Francis Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Alyssa Jacobsen Water Polo President, Sport Rep 2020  
Emma Peters Swimming Vice President, At-Large Rep 2020  
Emma Hollenbach  CC/T&F/Swim  Secretary, At-Large Rep 2020  
Andralee Harmon Basketball Sport Rep 2020  
Izabel Quackenbush CC/Soc/Lax At-Large Rep 2021  
McKenna McKrell Cross Country Sport Rep 2022  
Maddy Miles Diving Sport Rep 2020  
Olivia Reed Golf Sport Rep 2021  
Maggie Price Lacrosse Sport Rep 2021  
Grace Barger Soccer Sport Rep 2020  
Grace Jenkins Softball Sport Rep 2022  
Chloe Beebout Swimming Sport Rep 2020  
Maddie Brown Tennis Sport Rep 2021  
Reyna Johnson Track & Field Sport Rep 2021  
Alexa Edwards Volleyball Sport Rep 2020  

Mission Statement: The purpose of the SAAC is to represent the voice of student-athletes at St. Francis Catholic High School.


  1. Provide efficient communication with athletic department administration, coaches, staff, faculty and student-athletes concerning SAAC activities.

  2. Create awareness of all programs available within the athletic department.

  3. Encourage participation in all athletic department programs.

  4. Support student-athletes wanting to achieve honor roll status by promoting tools available at St. Francis.  

  5. Identify and support issues specific to student-athletes.

  6. Encourage a sense of community among student-athletes by sponsoring at least one community service project a year.  

Membership Qualifications:

  1. Representatives are chosen by coaches of their respective teams.  (and current SAAC member? and team captains, head varsity coach) (for big sports, coach picks like 5 and then can vote via google forms, large teams only) (deadline in April cause can do summer events too)

  2. Each sport recognized by the athletic department will have one representative.

  3. Representatives must be a current or previous semester sport team member.

  4. Every representative has the right to vote on issues, with one vote per sport.

  5. A representative will remain a member for at least two semesters.  

  6. The grade point average for each member should be 3.0 or higher. (or elegability for team?) If a representative drops below the minimum GPA the representative will be placed on probation for one semester.  If the representative does not meet the required GPA in subsequent semesters, she will be asked to resign as a member.

  7. Attend 2ish hour retreat at the beginning of the year, during first week of school. 


  1. Each representative will serve as a liaison between SAAC and their respective team.

  2. May have no more than three unexcused absences from meetings. Excused absences are competition, practice, illness, death in the family and meeting with a coach or counselor, or school excused.

  3. Representatives must report information from meetings to their respective teams year round even during off season.

  4. Information needs to be distributed via school email, club chat rooms or fliers.

  5. New agenda items need to be given to the president at least one week in advance of the next meeting.


-Selected at last meeting of the year.  New reps have to go to that meeting.

  1. President: senior, must be member at least one year.  
  2. Vice President: junior.  
  3. Secretary: whoever is willing.  Takes notes on meeting topics and documents suggestions or ideas of members.  (maybe have one google doc shared with everyone that the secretary can edit and other members can’t edit on but can comment and secretary can change things based on their comments)