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Get to Know: Volleyball's #25 Monet Cook

Get to Know: Volleyball's #25 Monet Cook
Monet Cook is in her second season on the varsity team and third in the SF volleyball program. She transferred to SF from Country Day. She is the Student Body Vice President this year. She is considering George Washington, American, Georgetown and Howard. Fun Fact: She plays the cello.
What are looking forward to about your senior season?
"I am looking forward to all my last experiences – Homecoming Week, Section Games, etc."
What have you learned from your varsity experience last season?
"I think I learned to be patient with myself and not to rush everything. It will not always click right away and it is not something to get upset about."
What are you goals for the season?
"Hopefully I will commit (to play) somewhere. I want to get into a good college that I will enjoy and learn a lot at."
What did it mean to you to be elected to the SBO Vice President position?
"It has probably been one of the most exciting things I have ever done. Last year's SBOs really scared me. So far we have had a lot of fun together. I have gotten closer with the other SBO's and other girls on council. It has made meeting people easier. "I've had freshmen come up and ask me questions. It was nice to be a friendly figure on campus."
What are the SBO goals for Homecoming?
"Our goal is to switch it up this year. I have heard people are bored with the same days and activities. We want to add some new aspects to the week."
What's the mood of the team right now with the 17-0 start?
"We have had a really good start to the season. Now we are honing in and focusing on always playing our best, while not playing down a level. If we want to make all of our goals, we can't just play mediocre. We have to always be at our best."
If you could live in a book, TV show or movie, where would you live: Marvel Universe.
What is your greatest achievement: Becoming SBO Vice President.
If you could have one superpower: Telekinesis.
If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future: Future.
What is the concert you want to see: Beyonce.
What teacher has inspired you the most: Dr. Javier Watson.
If you could trade places with one person, who would trade with: Michelle Obama.
Favorite Dinner (@Jack's): Chicken Caesar with a side of Family Urban fries for Chloe.
Hero: My mom.
What is on your Bucket List:  Visit at Least 50 Countries.




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