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Get to Know: Basketball's #42 Maya Curiale

Get to Know: Basketball's #42 Maya Curiale
Maya Curiale is her in first full season on the varsity team after sitting out last season after her transfer from Bella Vista. She has seen action in 11 games and is coming off a season-best four-point performance against Vanden in West Coast Jamboree. She hopes to be a firefighter and just got a puppy named Pearl for Christmas.
How fun has it been to be back in the court participating again this season?
"It has been great. It has been really hard work getting back after missing the entire season last year. But I am really excited about the team and how we are looking."
What was the hardest part about sitting out?
"The hardest part was wanting to be on the court and knowing was not able to. It was the hardest thing coming to practices and not being able to participate."
What brought you back to St. Francis?
"The opportunity. When I left it was the first year in my entire life going to a public school. I tried it out and it was not for me. I knew St. Francis had so many more opportunities now and in the long run. I decided to make the switch back."
What was your favorite part of the Phoenix trip?
"My favorite part was the team bonding by the fire pit with hot chocolate. We played really fun games. It was really cool and I thought we got a lot closer."
Since Christmas is your favorite holiday, what was the highlight from this year?
"I got a puppy. She is a French Bulldog. She is eight weeks old and she is the cutest thing ever. Her name is Pearl. I really love being around friends and family. My cousins came up from LA and they have been here."
What is a fun fact about Maya?
"I want to be a firefighter/EMT. I know a firefighter personally and she has inspired me. Being able to help others. If I can help myself, I should be able to help others. Putting other people before yourself."
What are your thoughts on college?
"I want to play in college. At this point, God has a plan for me. If I play cool. IF I don't it still will be a really fun experience."
Does it feel like things are coming together for you on the court?
"Not only me but as a team we are clicking together. The coaches said this was our best practice as a team (yesterday). We were really mentally focused as a team for the game (today) and starting league. It is a lot of hard work but it definitely pays off."
If you could live in a book, TV show or movie, where would you live: One Tree Hill.
What animal best represents you: Turtle.
What is your Greatest Achievement: Persevering thru challenges in life.
If you could have one superpower, what would it be: Read Minds.
If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future: Past.
What's the concert you want to see: Justin Beiber again.
What teacher has inspired you the most: Elementary school teachers.
Favorite Holiday: Christmas.
Favorite Olympic athlete: Shawn Johnson.
Favorite Disney Character: Stitch.
Celebrity You Would Like to Meet: Liam Hemsworth.
What's your favorite dinner: Seafood.
Hero: Adults I look up to in my life.
What is on your Bucket List: Sky Diving.