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Get to Know: Water Polo's #6 Libby Slater

Get to Know: Water Polo's #6 Libby Slater
Libby Slater is in her third season on the Varsity team. She was named to the NISCA All-American fifth-team last year as a sophomore after scoring 48 goals and being named the program's Player of the Year. She has eclipsed 107 goals in her career entering tonight's game. She is currently an intern in Sports Media, enjoys singing and dancing in competitions for the St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church and swims on the school's team in the spring. She also was part of LLS last year on Alyssa Jacobsen's team.
What is the team's mentality heading into playoffs?
"I think we are coming into it with a positive attitude. We did not have our best game against Davis but going forward we are focusing on really encouraging each other."
What have you enjoyed about playing for Emily this season?
"Emily is so positive and always encouraging and uplifting. She is always leading us to a new style of play. It has been a really good transition."
What did the All-America honor mean to you last year?
"I was very shocked. It meant that I all my hard work was paying off. It was really nice to be recognized for the time and effort I put in the sport."
What do you see as your role as an upperclassman this year?
"I think my role is to show the younger girls what we have all come up with. My freshman and sophomore year were had program rules set in place. Now it is showing them so we don't break them."
You had a tough offseason with your injury. How do you feel now?
"It crazy it has been a year. I feel I am getting there and I am still not at my full strength. I am working towards getting it all back. Right now I am the best I could possibly imagine. Six months ago I couldn't even imagine getting in the pool. To be back in the pool, playing and starting is really amazing for me to see."
What do you enjoy about playing water polo?
"I love the feeling I get when I jump in the pool. Everything just falls away."
If you could live in a book, TV show or movie, where would you live: Gilmore Girls.
What is your greatest achievement: Coming back from surgery.
If you could have one superpower: Teleportation. 
If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future: Future.
What is the concert you want to see: Shawn Mendes.
What teacher has inspired you the most: Ms. Pare.
What is your favorite holiday: Christmas.
If you could change places with one person: Steph Curry's daughter Riley.
Favorite Dinner: My mom's hamburgers.
Hero: My Mom and Dad and Grandma Bernie
What is on your Bucket List:  Go to Greece.