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Get to Know: Lacrosse's #23 Jorie Keitges

Get to Know: Lacrosse's #23 Jorie Keitges
Jorie Keitges is a two-sport standout for the Troubadours. She will earn her sixth varsity letter at the completion of the lacrosse season. She likes art. She has narrowed down her college choice to Cal Poly Pomona and Sonoma State.
How has your transition been from varsity basketball?
"It was really good. Basketball defensively helps with my lacrosse defense. I love the whole lacrosse team so it is good."
What do you love about lacrosse?
"I love being a captain this year. It is fun to be part of the coin loss and I am trying to be more of a leader on the field on defense. I want to have a voice."
What has been the key to the team's success this year?
"There is no drama which I appreciate and we are all one team. We all sit in a circle before the game and energy on and off the field is a lot of fun. We have each other's backs and that is our saying. It is true."
What do you enjoy about playing the sport?
"Lacrosse was easier for me because I came from basketball. It (basketball) does not include a stick but it is all about foot work and that helps with lacrosse. I understand angles from basketball and how to use physicality. It has helped me and make me better."
What is a perfect last month of school for you?
"I am hoping to have fun and treasuring each moment. I enjoy every moment with the lacrosse team. I am so happy I played and I get to spend me senior year with them."
If you could live in a book, TV show or movie, where would you live: Brady Bunch.
What animal best represents you: Jaguar.
Greatest Achievement: Playing two varsity sports for three years. 
If you had one superpower: Read Minds.
If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future: Past.
Concert you want to see: Hannah Montana.
Teacher who has inspired you the most: Ms. Biller.
What is your favorite holiday: All of them.
Favorite Olympic Athlete: Michael Phelps.
Favorite Disney Character: Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. 
Celebrity you would like to meet: Cole Spouse.
Who is your hero: My dad.
What's your favorite dinner: Lasagna. 
Bucket List: Travel the World. 


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