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Swimming Preps for Delta League Finals

Swimming Preps for Delta League Finals

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The St. Francis swimming team recorded 15 top-eight performances to advance to the top final and all three relays posted top four-finishes at the Delta League Swimming Trials on Thursday at American River College.

"Today was an important part of the meet because it was really about getting into finals to score points for St. Francis," said junior Emma Peters. "It was a really fun day because we had all of our girls out here today."

Peters was second in the 200y freestyle (1:58.51) and placed third in the 100y butterfly (1:01.54) to lead the Troubadours among the top qualifiers. Freshman Victoria Cao was third in the 100y freestyle in 55.09 and sixth in the 100y breaststroke (1:10.41). Senior Hannah Parulan advanced in her signature events to the top final with a fourth-place in the 200y individual medley in 2:16.25 and a fifth-place in the 100y backstroke (1:02.42).

Junior Laura Freeworth advanced in the 200y IM and 100y butterfly with seventh-place finishes. Freshman Meredith Garcia and sophomore Ana Poarch-Twining will represent in the 50y freestyle, while sophomore Maria Covacho Marrugo was fifth (1:03.4) in the 100y butterfly to join Peters and Freeworth.

Chloe Beebout was eighth in the 500y freestyle to reach the "A" final and Corvacho Marrugo led the team in the 100y backstroke with a fourth-place finish (1:01.77) to join Parulan. Junior Jaclynn Burgess was seventh in the 100y breaststroke.

The Troubadours placed second in both the 200y free and 400y free relays. Parulan, Burgess, Peters and Cao were fourth in the 200y medley relay. Meredith Garcia joined Kendall Houck, Beebout and Corvacho to post 1:44.35 in the 200y free relay to touch second, while Peters, Beebout, Parulan and Cao were second in the 400y free relay in 3:46.29.

"We did really well in our relays and it was a lot of team work," said junior Chloe Beebout. "We were all excited and we had a good attitude and it helped us get good times."

Freshman Lauren Jones won the 100y butterfly in 1:02.66 to enter as the top-seeded swimmer for Friday's final. She also was second in the 100y freestyle (58.39). Sophomore Jenna Pimenta placed second in the 50y freestyle in 27.29 and was third in the 100y breaststroke. Freshman Baya McIntosh won the 100y backstroke in 1:04.88 and was fourth in the 500y freestyle (5:42.03).

"We wanted to get as many swimmers as possible into each big final to really compete with Davis," said Head Coach Richard Levin. "We are definitely chasing Davis and we have our work cut out for us. We had some great swims."

The top 16 in each individual event with each school allowed to advance four swimmers from trials.

Finals start at 4:15 on Friday at American River College. Admission is $8 and parking is $2.

Delta League Championship Trials

American River College

Varsity Results (Top 16)

200-Yard Medley Relay – 4. St. Francis (Parulan, Burgess, Peters, Cao), 1:54.61; 6. St. Francis (Hoppa, Garcia, Corvacho, Freeworth), 2:00.51; 200y Freestyle – 2. Emma Peters, 1:58.51; 11. Chloe Beebout, 2:11.00; 12. Anna Poarch-Twining, 2:12.18; Angela Altamirano, 2:13.91; 200y IM – 4. Hannah Parulan, 2:16.25; 7. Laura Freeworth, 2:21.78; 9. Kendall Houck, 2:26.32; 10. Jaclynn Burgess, 2:28.24; 50y Freestyle – 6. Meredith Garcia, 26.30; 8. Ana Poarch-Twining, 26.64; 10. Elin Perry, 27.00; 13. Emma Daniels, 27.46; 100y Butterfly – 3. Emma Peters, 1:01.54; 5. Maria Corvacho Marrugo, 1:03.40; 7. Laura Freeworth, 1:094.24; 9. Maddie Hoppa, 1:05.94; 100y Freestyle – 3. Victoria Cao, 55.09; 6. Elin Perry, 58.74; 9. Emma Daniels, 59.99; 500y Freestyle – 8. Chloe Beebout, 5:40.04; 10. Angela Altamirano, 5:55.80; 11. Alyssa Jacobsen, 6:10.44; 200y Free Relay – 2. St. Francis (Garcia, Houck, Beebout, Corvacho), 1:44.35; 100y Backstroke – 4. Maria Corvacho Marrugo, 1:01.77; 5. Hannah Parulan, 1:02.42; 10. Kendall Houck, 1:06.78; 11. Maddie Hoppa, 1:06.04; 100y Breaststroke – 6. Victoria Cao, 1:10.41; 7. Jaclynn Burgess, 1:11.45; 9. Meredith Garcia, 1:12.78; 400y Freestyle Relay – 2. St. Francis (Peters, Beebout, Parulan, Cao), 3:46.29.

Frosh/Soph Results (Top 8)

200-yard Medley Relay – 2. St. Francis (McIntosh, Pimenta, Jones, Magley), 2:00.08; 4. St. Francis (Gilhooly, Austin, Wilson, Gregory), 2:07.60; 200y Freestyle – 5. Lizzy Gilhooly, 2:23.58; 6. Presleigh Seitz, 2:24.37; 8. Ruby Stevenson, 2:29.78; 200y IM -8. Taja Saruki, 2:36.00; 50y Freestyle – 2. Jenna Pimenta, 27.29; 3. Jane Gregory, 27.49; 4. Ashley Magley, 27.60; 5. Bella Austin, 27.79; 100y Butterfly – 1. Lauren Jones, 1:02.66; 4. Taja Suruki, 1:07.38; 5. Kelly Wilson, 1:07.62; 100y Freestyle – 2. Lauren Jones, 58.39; 8. Lizzy Gilhooly, 1:03.44; 500y Freestyle – 4. Baya McIntosh, 5:42.03; 5. Kelly Wilson, 5:54.93; 6. Ruby Stevenson, 6:29.81; 200y Free Relay – 1. St. Francis (Austin, Pimenta, Gilhooly, Gregory), 1:48.80; 4. St. Francis (A. Gregory, Presleigh. Stevenson, Stevenson), 1:54.87; 100y Backstroke – 1. Baya McIntosh, 1:04.88; 100y Breaststroke – 3. Jenna Pimenta, 1:19.84; 4. Bella Austin, 1:23.29; 5. Johanna Stevenson, 1:23.42; 7. Annika Rea, 1:24.24; 8. Lauren Stegall, 1:25.52; 400y Free Relay – 2. St. Francis (Mcintosh, Gilhooly, J. Gregory, Jones). 4:13.06; 4. St. Francis (Seitz, Stegall, Saruki, Wilson), 4:19.01.